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Stairs and Railings

Stairs are a structure built and designed to create an escalating or descending bridge between two surfaces with a vertical gap and distance between them. Different terms can be used to refer to stairs such as, a stairwell, a staircase, stairway or a flight of stairs. Staircases, stairwell or staircase can be divided into flights. A flight of stairs is a section of steps divided or leading to a landing which is a platform larger than the individual steps. Landings are used to cover large gap where the stairwell, staircase or stairway turns. Landings are also used as a security measure in case of tumble. Stairways, staircases, stairwells and flights all consisted of a concession of rising or descending surfaces called stairs steps or stairsteps. Steps are composed of two different sections. The thread, which is the part that is walked on, and the riser which is the vertical section between each stair. Not all stairwells, staircases, or stairways have risers. The edge of the thread that sticks out past the riser is called the nosing. Nosing is not present on all stairwells, stairways or staircases. When renovating or building a staircase, stairwell, or flight of stairs where steps have a nosing protruding over the riser it is important to remember that the length or run of the stairway is greater than the total some of the width of each step because the treads will overlap adding to the total length of the flight of stairs. When the first or starting step at the bottom of a staircase, or stairway is open on both sides it is called a bullnose. In addition to an esthetic appeal a bullnose ath the bottom of a flight of stairs allows for a sturdy base for the balusters or handrails. When a staircase turns or changes directions, winders which are steps that are wider on one side than the other. In cases where three winders are used to create a ninety degree turn the middle winder is referred to as the kite winder as it is shaped like a kite. A series of concessive winders is used when building a spiral staircase.

Railing systems other than cosmetic appeal also serve a purpose. Balustrade is a length of railing which prevents those using the stairway from accidentally falling off, while bannisters and handrails are used to help support people using the stairwell. Stairway, staircases or stairwells can be constructed from many different materials, such as wood, metal, cement, concrete, composite materials and even plastic. Railings and balustrades are also built from wood, cement, concrete, metals or plastic.

A new stairway or staircase is a great way to improve or modernize your home. Stairwells, staircases or stairwells add a personal touch as well as value to your home. Whether it is an exterior staircase or an interior stairwell the construction of a stairway requires proper preparation and measurements to assure the proper length and angle of the flight of stairs. Installation often requires a professional. Find the right contractor near you with

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