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Painting is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your property whether it be a home, condo or apartment. From the interior to the exterior of your house, from ceiling to floor almost anything can be painted!

Investing in the best possible quality of paint is a good idea. Higher quality paints are easier to apply and require fewer layers to cover a wall and often will be more resistant and durable when dried. Today paints are less harmful to both your health and the environment. New paints also dry faster and lasts longer. There are more environmentally friendly paints on the market, or with fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds). There is even the possibility to use recycled paint nowadays.

A contractor can help determine the specific needs of the area to paint and make recommendations. For example, paint used in the dining room is not necessarily the same as in the bathroom. The type of surface you are painting can also determine the type of paint you need to use. Cement requires a different type of paint than wood

Once the needs of the room or object to be painted and the condition of the surface you will be painting is determined. you can choose the desired colors and finishes.

Paint can be applied a few different ways. With a paint brush or a roller as well as being sprayed on for larger areas.
Painting projects can include:

  • Painting a room in your house
  • Exterior painting Painting a shed or staining a deck
  • Decorative painting like sripes on a wall
  • Mural painting

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