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The landscaping is the first impression of your home, condo or company. There are several elements such as plants and stone materials which together form a whole. This is a short and long-term investment, so take into account the immediate and sustainable development of your design.

You could decide to work with a certified landscape professional holding a certification from his association. These professionals must receive training and offer written guarantees on materials and labor. He can advise you following an assessment of your needs and expectations by taking into consideration your budget.

Certain points to consider when landscaping your property:

  • Size of property
  • Present condition of the soil and development already in place
  • The sunshine that the property receives
  • Standards, municipal and provincial regulations that may apply.
  • Climate
  • Electrical cables, gas and other
  • Movement of people and vehicles
  • Gardens, arrangements
  • Relaxation areas, games, swimming pools
  • Safety: From the property and people
  • Budget

    Whether your ultimate goal is a modern landscaped yard, natural landscaped yard, you should always ask for a designed plan by your landscaper in order to have a visual idea of what the future landscaped property will look like.

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