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General Contractor

General contractors oversee the entire construction project. They are responsible for bidding on and obtaining a project, providing the equipment, materials and labor needed to complete the job and managing it to the completion. General contractors deal with the following:

Cost Control

General contractors are responsible for getting competitive bids for the jobs required for the project’s completion. They review plans and drawings for accuracy and provide field measurements if necessary to avoid expensive change-orders. They can also make recommendations on cost-saving measures for the project.


Paperwork involves obtaining sign-offs, certificates of occupancy and completion, processing change-orders and drawings, adhering to the permitting process and giving information as required, providing status reports and updates and procuring capital improvement certificates and insurance. General contractors have to build rapport and trust with the building inspectors.

Work Coordination

General contractors coordinate all the work. They eliminate finger-pointing that usually happens when you try to organize projects on your own and ensure that the project is completed within the set budget and schedule. General contractors create work schedules and prepare a GANTT chart that outlines the labor, materials and duration needed for every phase of the project. Unforeseen concerns and delays may happen and general contractors ensure that these issues are addressed quickly to keep the project on the right track.

Property Visits

General contractors conduct property visits on a regular basis to check and validate the quality of work done by the subcontractor. They also visit the property to protect it from dumping, vandalism and graffiti. General contractors set alarms and thermostats, look for roof leaks and organize meter readings. They act as the representative of the property owner, whether it is to meet with authorities or as a goodwill envoy with the neighbors.

It’s normal for general contractors to work with other contractors or subcontractors. Some general contractors also provide free estimates. They usually differ in their specialization. Some focus on home reconstruction, while others specialize in commercial projects. Their rates also vary. If you want to provide your building or home with a new look, hiring a general contractor is one of your best bets.

Once all the paperwork is done and the contract is signed, the real work starts. The general contractor is responsible for everything that happens during the project from this point forward. They supervise the entire project and are responsible for any impediments that may happen. Problems and delays can lead to expensive losses. Even if the general contractor has hired out various subcontractors to handle all aspects of the project, they are still the ones responsible for the quality and timeliness of work in the end.

General contractors are involved in almost every phase of the construction project, so you want to be assured that the one you are working can deliver quality results. Reno Cost will help you find the right general contractor for your construction project! Regardless of your construction project, you can expect to find a reliable general contractor who can do his job competently.

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