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The structure of your property is supported by the foundation. The foundation is therefore essential to the proper functioning of your home or property. The foundation must be able to withstand the pressure exerted by the ground around it and all the climatic conditions to which it is subject. An investment in the foundation of a property has a positive effect on the value of the property.

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The foundation consists of several elements such as concrete, cement, wood, insulating materials and plasters. All these materials over time can deteriorate.
What are the common problems seen at the foundation?

  • Cracks in interior or exterior walls
  • Water infiltration
  • Land erosion around the house
  • Deviated walls, window frames
  • Mold, odors, crooked walls
  • Invasion of animals like rodents or insects

    Depending on the type of repair required repairs can be performed inside the house, but it is possible that excavation is needed to repair the foundation. Your qualified contractor may make recommendations following an evaluation of the present situation and will guide you in your decisions about the type of repair that is needed.

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