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Home Extension

A house represents for many the biggest financial investment made in a lifetime. If you have a house that you like, but it no longer meets all your needs perhaps it's time to consider an extension of your home?

A home extension is an interesting project that will aim to increase the living space and will have a positive effect on the value of your property. It goes without saying that the contractor you choose will be very important because this will be the professional who can properly advise and guide you in your choices.

Here are some types of house expansion/home extensions:  

  • Extensions to add one or more rooms
  • Adding floors
  • The elevation of your home to add a basement or extra living space
  • Adding a solarium or a garage
  • Transformation of single family to multi-family or intergenerational home. Depending on the scale of your project you could have your qualified RenoCost contractor coordinate several activities such as masonry, electricity, plumbing, etc...

    It is important to know what is possible and what is allowed in your area. After establishing what is allowed, start preparations in order to enlarge your house such as living arragments while the work is being done (if necessary). It is certain that this is a project that will require some investment of time and money but the benefits will be obvious when you see the finished product.

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