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Many biuldings such as houses, condos or businesses will have a balcony, patio, deck or terrace. Not only will a balcony, patio, deck or terrace add resale value to your property but will also be a functional and stylish element. A balcony, terrace, deck or patio adds extra living space when weather conditions permit. Note that in certain districts a permit will be required to build a balcony, terrace, deck or patio.

During a renovation or addition of balconies, patios, decks or terraces there are factors to assess:    

  • What will the balcony, patio, deck or terrace be used for?    
  • What are the laws or regulations in your locality on balconies, patios, decks or terraces?    
  • What is the present condition of the existing balcony, Patio, deck or terrace?        
  • What are the materials used?    
  • What is your budget?    
  • What is the desired style?    
  • What will the monthly maintenance, yearly?

    You may want to consider the sun when deciding in the placement of your balcony/terrace/patio in order to benefit the most from it. A balcony, patio or terrace can be built from many types of materials making it relatively easy to match the style of your property. Remember that the materials must also withstand the weather and normal wear so consider you geographical location when choosing the materials to build your new patio, deck, balcony or terrace. You can consider metal structures, wood, brick, stone and other.

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